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What is Jake & Jack?

Kids deserve gifts that teach them lifelong lessons, and you deserve a home that isn’t cluttered with toys. That’s why we build beautiful, educational products, designed to help you teach your kids lessons that equip them for a life well-lived.

Small Legacies


The concept behind Small Legacies is simple: kids deserve gifts that excite them, help them grow, and teach them lifelong lessons; and you deserve a home that isn’t cluttered with toys. That’s why we handcraft tasteful products for kids—to provide you and your little ones with high-quality learning tools that help build happy memories through simple learning moments.


As parents, we often wonder what kind of legacy we’ll leave for our kids. Our founder Amanda began to think very seriously about this question when her husband, Adam, passed away in April of 2017. Alongside so much else, he left Amanda with the foundational skills that have enabled her to live within her means and guide their family financially—skills that have made a lasting and meaningful impact on her life.

Just as his legacy in financial literacy impacted Amanda’s life in big ways, she knew it could impact the lives of their sons. Amanda remarried in 2019, and together, she and her husband Dan are working to continue that legacy for their three sons—Jake, Jeremiah, and Jack.

In 2020, shortly after transitioning from a career in human resources to full stay-at-home-mom life, Amanda found herself with a little bit of spare time and a lot of churning ideas about financial literacy and how to pass on that legacy. 

Based on the principles introduced to her by Adam, Amanda dreamt up her own version of the give-save-spend bank; and in need of a pandemic hobby, she tried selling it on Etsy. She was thrilled by her first sale—and slightly surprised when the sales kept coming—but when they didn’t slow, she realized this was the answer to her question of legacy.

The rapid sale of the Enduring Legacy™ Bank demonstrated a need for financial learning tools—a need that Amanda could help fill. She decided to turn her Etsy hobby into the Small Legacies brand and to continue sharing Adam’s legacy not only with her husband and sons, but with young people all over the world. 

Why we exist

We believe that every business has the opportunity to leave an enduring legacy, and this is what we intend ours to be: by encouraging generosity, discipline, and financial literacy through play, we help today’s children grow into kind, capable, and financially wise adults.

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We’re best known for our signature Enduring Legacy Bank, carefully crafted to cultivate financial wisdom in kids from a young age. But stay tuned—we have a collection of new products coming soon that will equip parents with more tools.

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