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Dice Movement Game for the Days You're Stuck Inside

By Kendra Johnson

It is so cold outside and the kids have more energy than ever. We use this simple game to get that extra energy out all the time!

How to play:

  • Find 4 different colored dice*
  • Assign each color a movement exercise. You can see an example below!
  • On your turn, roll ALL 4 dice.
  • Everyone completes that number of each exercise, counting out loud as you go!


*If you don't have different colored dice you can use different colored cups to roll the dice with, or use a game board spinner!


Add Music! 

To make it more fun, turn on some upbeat music! This should be a loud and crazy fun game. We made this game up on a particularly stormy day last spring using the dice from our "Math Dice" game. It was super easy and fun!  




Kendra Johnson is a certified elementary educator based in rural Wisconsin. As a parent and teacher, Kendra has a passion for teaching through engaging and varied techniques. Her background in theatre, educational technology and curriculum development have fueled her passion for teaching life skills to youth creatively.



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