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We believe every child has the right to learn financial literacy. That's why we offer all of our education resources for free.

Cut and Paste Coins Activity Packet

Who we are

Small Legacies


Kendra is Director of Digital Resources and curriculum for Small Legacies. A certified elementary educator and parent, Kendra has a passion for teaching through engaging and varied techniques. Her background in theatre, educational technology and curriculum development have fueled her passion for teaching financial literacy creatively.

JULES (They/Them)

Musician, YouTuber, and TikTok influencer Jules is known for their fun, educational songs that communicate important topics to kids across the world. Small Legacies is proud to be partnering with Jules to create a children’s song that teaches the basics of financial literacy.


Our Mission: We seek to enhance a child's foundational skill-building abilities through our development-focused products. We believe that simple learning moments early in life can leave an enduring legacy for years to come.

We believe in Skill-Building Made Simple. Our curriculum is centered around the GIVE-SAVE-SPEND Enduring Legacy™ Bank. Using the Enduring Legacy™ Bank, Financial literacy principles are learned in an engaging, fun way to ensure these essential skills are not easily forgotten!

Movement, music, and interpersonal (emotional) connections are crucial components of effective learning for children. Our work is greatly inspired by Educational Psychologist Howard Garnder and the theory of multiple intelligences. Because every child absorbs and interprets information uniquely.

Maria Montessori and her teachings have also greatly inspired our work. Above all, our work promotes child-led learning that is based in real-world life skills. The bank is made of natural solid wood and needs to be physically manipulated by the child. We focus on just one skill at a time, allowing children to flourish, thrive and learn in an environment that fits them perfectly.