Acrylic Tracing Boards: Learn My Address Tracing Board - Small Legacies
Acrylic Tracing Boards: Learn My Address Tracing Board - Small Legacies

Tracing Boards: Learn My Address Tracing Board

Educational Learning Board - Learn my Address

Simple and durable, this customizable tracing board is the perfect tool to help any child learn how to write all of their important information. Your child will trace their address, phone number, and two names of important people in their life, such as Mom, Dad, Sister, etc. One additional slot can be added to your board for a second phone number or name of a grandparent, babysitter, best friend, or fur sibling—there are no limits or stipulations!

This learning board puts children’s needs at the center as tracing has many benefits. It can improve visual spatial skills as well as fine motor skills. As a child grows, they need repetition and practice. While developing dexterity by holding a marker, learners will practice numbers, letters, spelling, and learn how to write addresses correctly. With this tracing board, tracing can be educational, easy, and boost confidence as skills improve.

Designed by a mom with practicality in mind, the durable, engraved acrylic is made to last. The white etching on clear acrylic makes the lettering and numbering easy to read. At 10.5in by 7.75in, it is a sensible size for children to handle and still easily transported—great for on-the-go practice! It also snaps into a 3 ring binder using the holes along the side.

Key Details:
● Engraved, clear acrylic
● Marker included